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With the demand for certain Classical Styles being far in excess of the availability, it was all too obvious that there was a need for High Quality Reproductions of these styles. Giltwood produces a range of Reproductions as close as you will find to the original models. Made faithfully using mainly the same techniques as used in the past. Allowing the consumer to recreate an opulent image without having to pay a King’s Ransom.   With 42 years experience in Restoring Antique Gilded Mirrors, We are the Experts in the field. Read More

Welcome to GiltWood

Melbourne’s Mirror Experts.

The Philosophy of Giltwood is to offer the most Complete and Professional Service Available. Backed by over 49 Years Experience, Mike provides a Comprehensive Measure & Quotation Service Free of Charge. We provide In Home Viewing of our Genuine French Antique Mirror Frames & Reproduction Mirror Range with No Charge or Obligation.Our Commitment is to choose, import, restore, sell, deliver and install our Antique Furniture & Décor.

A complete Hands On Approach.    

100% Australian Made

Giltwood never copies other people’s designs , But others have imitated us which I suppose is the greatest form of flattery. Our range of Reproduction Mirror Frames  are produced largely in the same manner as the original Antiques meticulously recreated or handcrafted, finished in Gold or Silver Leaf by oil or water Gilded process and toned to Replicate the Patina of Age.

We view them as the Antiques of the future and packing and shipping can be arranged to anywhere in the world. Giltwood also offers Gilt Restorations, Relocations and Installations of Antiques and Art. We strive to offer the Maximum amount of Personal Service with the Best Quality Product, resulting in the Fairest Price and Complete Peace of Mind.

Buying, Selling and Restoring Antiques since 1974.

Monthly Specials
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In house Shots
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