Antique Furniture & Décor

Antiques and Décor.

It’s this sort of passion that gives you goose bumps even just thinking about it. Then the anticipation of waiting for the shipment to arrive. It could be two months since you’ve seen the Antiques you bought in France. All you have is some photographs and receipts. You have told everybody just how good these Antique Items are and now you must make the Antique Shop ready for the long awaited arrival of the French Antiques.

Amongst the shipment are some beautiful Antique Armoires, French Antique Beds, French Antique Desks, Art Deco Bronzes, French Antique Chandeliers, French Antique Clock Sets, French Antique Dining Chairs, French Antique Marble Fire Surrounds, French Antique Marble Statues, French Antique Console Tables, Art Deco Statues and French Antique Commodes to name just a few.

And now the Antiques have arrived and just as you remembered, the best Antiques you have ever seen and the most beautiful you have ever had in the store. And now my Clients agree and say they must have it.

What a roller coaster of emotions this business is and now my Clients have a piece of me and now I must seek out a new love.