Gilding or Gold leaf

Gilding and Gilt Restorations.

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Antique Restorers.

Giltwood offers a complete Restoration and Gilding Service.

Restoration involves more than just a steady hand and a painstaking temperament, It requires a good knowledge of past fashion and a fine instinct for design.

The techniques and tools of Gilding and Restoration have hardly changed for centuries.

During the Restoration process we retain the Frames Integrity and ornamentation, remaining faithful to the period.

When pieces are missing this then requires that we either carve or cast (depending on the frame) and reattach sections prior to preparing these sections for regilding and toning to match the original patina.

The types of leaf used include 23ct Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf or an Imitation Gold known as Schlaggmetal or Dutch Metal depending the requirement best suited.

It is then applied by either Burnished Water Gilding or Oil Gilding technique.

Giltwood’s Gilding Services have been used by the who’s who of Australia’s Glitterati and includes the exciting hotel development at Crown Casino and many more of Australia’s Premiere Developments.

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Gilding or Gold leaf