Searching for that Elusive find

Working from the moment one arrives in Paris, everyday until you drop, from the early hours traveling to Antique Fairs, such as Le Bourget or Lyon , where all the worlds Antique traders of all levels of society are all herded into barriers like cattle, awaiting the opening of the big aircraft hangers filled with trucks full of goodies from all over Europe. It’s quite possible that several million dollars changes hands before the sun comes up.

Trudging through the maze of alleyways and back streets of the Paris Flea Market district, during the early hours of the morning in a constant state of excited anticipation mixed with Jet Lag creates a surreal environment to search for that elusive next stock purchase.
For all those people who have offered to carry my bags on a buying trip I’m sure they all would be reduced to tears by the end of the first day.

Australian awareness of elegant style and traditional Interior Designs, changing Architecture to Neo- Classical Forms etc has created a resurgence of interest in Finer French Antique Items.

From the Grandest Residences in Australia to the humble Working Cottage or even Corporate Board Rooms. Genuine French Antique Furniture , Mirrors, and Clock Sets have become the new focal Points with a mind to self rewarding, a usable investment which also stands as testimony to ones success and good taste.


With the demand for certain Classical Styles being far in excess of the availability, it was all too obvious that there was a need for High Quality Reproductions of these styles.

Giltwood produces a range of Reproductions as close as you will find to the original models.
Made faithfully using mainly the same techniques as used in the past. Allowing the consumer to recreate an opulent image without having to pay a King’s Ransom.

With 42 years experience in Restoring Gilded Antiques & Mirror Frames, We are Melbourne’s Mirror Experts.

Buying, Selling and Restoring Antiques since 1974.


Mike Gleeson Est. 1974

Owner, Sales and Acquisitions, Gilder, Restorer and Photographer. www.giltwood.net



At Giltwood since 1988.

General Manager. Chief Restorer & Production Manager. Administration, Quotations & Valuations.
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